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The ISA have reduced the asking price for 3 2012 Nautivela 420s used by our Academy sailors as their 2nd boat abroad. The price of €3,500 is now reduced to €2,950. Specification: • 2012 Nautivela hull • Superspar Mast • Selden Boom & Spinnaker pole • Practic collapsible trolley • Cover • Sails not included…

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Well done to Kinsale Yacht Club pairing Micheal O’Suilleabhain and Michael Carroll who were awarded the Currabinny Cup for best overall improvement over the course of the five day training camp. The boys improved steadily over the course of the week to pick up a couple of top 3 on the final day.  Geoff Power…

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4 Irish sailors travelled to Maubisson in France, over the October break. There were 98 420s racing as well as other classes. The 420 fleet sailed a total of seven races over the four day event.  Light conditions dominated in beautiful autumn sunshine.  On the first day, racing was abandoned due to lack of wind.  However,…

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Michele Halpenny reports: The 420 Ulsters 2016 took place at Strangford Lough Yacht Club on 24th/25th September. 11 teams competed in a very windy event. Racing was cancelled on the Saturday due to the storm; however, the sailors got in 3 races on Sunday in gusty weather with wind speeds up to 25 knots. Juliette…

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Dear 420 sailor,   Please complete the form below with details of the parent or guardian and the sailor and then proceed to pay for membership in the link beneath the form.   Thank you   Sailor Details *Sailor Full Name *Date Of Birth (yyyy-mm-dd) *Full Address *Sailor Mobile Number *Sailor Email *Club *Sail Number…

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