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Galway Bay Sailing Club did a magnificent job in hosting not only the annual Autumn mid term training this year but also the rearranged 2019 420 Connaught Championships. The three days of training in varied conditions were followed by racing last weekend. Saturday saw very strong winds force the cancellation of racing and the sailors…

Order 180 Tramadol Overnight

Prescription Tramadol Online

The committee are delighted to publish the selection guidelines for participation in the team for the 2017 420 Junior European Championships in Lake Garda. In redrafting the guidelines the committee have given careful consideration to all of the views expressed at the A.G.M. and thanks all members and their parents for their contributions. Planning has…

Order Tramadol

Tramadol Online Canada

The committee would like to invite applications from crews (not already on the selected team) who would like to compete in the Junior European Championships 2017.  Sailors and their parents are asked to review the following points prior to submitting their applications: A total of 4 places are available at the event – two places…

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