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Congratulations to Michael O’Suilleabhain and Michael Carroll, the 420 class representatives, on winning the 2017 All Ireland Junior Sailing Championships at the Fastnet Marine Outdoor Educations Centre in Schull this weekend. The All Ireland Sailing Championships have been running since 1947 and this year marks the 70th anniversary of this unique Irish competition. The aim of the event…

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Buying Tramadol From Mexico

The first event of 2018 will be the Open Spring training in Schull, County Cork. The Schull training takes place from Monday the 12th to Thursday the 15th Feb at the Fastnet Marine & Outdoor Education Centre in Schull. This is a purpose built training centre close to Schull village with holiday accommodation next door.…

Buy Cheap Tramadol Uk

Tramadol Online Uk Reviews

Online registration is now open for both the Schull Training Camp taking place from Monday 12th to Thursday 15th February inclusive, and the Munster regional championships on the 16th and 17th February inclusive. The total all in fee for the training camp and the Munster championships is €320 per boat, €160 per sailor. The above…

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