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Tom Mapplebeck is offering a charter option for the 2016 Curradinghy 420 Nationals to be held at Howth Yacht Club on 9th – 11th August 2016.  Tom is offering a complete 2016 Nautivela 420 at €500 for the event with the fee being offset against the purchase price of any boat bought subsequently from Curradinghy.…

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Michele Halpenny reports: The 420 Ulsters 2016 took place at Strangford Lough Yacht Club on 24th/25th September. 11 teams competed in a very windy event. Racing was cancelled on the Saturday due to the storm; however, the sailors got in 3 races on Sunday in gusty weather with wind speeds up to 25 knots. Juliette…

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Tramadol Ordering Online

Sailors are now asked to renew their membership for 2017. In advance of the training clinic in Schull, the Committee would ask that memberships are renewed using the on-line facility on this website.  The membership fee for 2017 of €20 can be paid when completing the form through a paypal account or alternatively using a…

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