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A MESSAGE FROM ALISON SAMUALS OF AN CRUISCIN LAN HOTEL: “Regarding accommodation in July I can confirm the following availability and rates: Twin Rooms – 3 still available. Double Rooms – 3 still available Family Rooms – 3 still available Single Room – 1 still available I can arrange for a set rate of €65…

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The 420 Leinster Championships will take place in Malahide Yacht Club between Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March.   This will be the first Championship event of 2020, following the postponed Munster Championship in Schull. Competitors who entered that event will have a free entry to the Leinster’s, although it is required to complete the…

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Selection criteria are now available for the 420 Junior Europeans this summer.  Remember that the we have the 420 Leinster Championships coming up on the the 30th and 31st March at Wexford Harbour Boat and Tennis Club and these are an important warm up event for the Youth Nationals. Irish 420 2019 Team selection guidelines…

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