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We are pleased to confirm that the dedicated website for the 2016 RYANI Youth Championships is now live and the on-line entry system is open. The Association are grateful to both the Royal Yachting Association Northern Ireland and Strangford Lough Yacht Club for hosting the 2016 Ulster Championships alongside the Youth Championships. Your attention is drawn to…

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Online Tramadol Cod

The Class Association are pleased to confirm that training has been organised for Sunday the 1st and Monday the 2nd April (Bank Holiday) at the National Yacht Club, this is the weekend prior to the Volvo Irish Sailing Youth Pathway Nationals which start on the following Thursday. The National Yacht Club will also be the base…

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Tramadol 100Mg Buy Online

The first event of 2018 will be the Open Spring training in Schull, County Cork. The Schull training takes place from Monday the 12th to Thursday the 15th Feb at the Fastnet Marine & Outdoor Education Centre in Schull. This is a purpose built training centre close to Schull village with holiday accommodation next door.…

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Tramadol Buy Online

Good luck to Doug and Colin heading to Malaysia in two days time and also to fellow team members Aisling Keller and Liam Glynn representing the Laser class. Ross Killian will accompany our four Irish sailors to the 2015 ISAF Youth Worlds. http://afloat.ie/sail/youth-sailing/item/30903-irish-sailors-ready-for-isaf-youth-worlds-competition  

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Purchase Tramadol Cod Shipping

The 2019 Irish Sailing Youth National Championships hosted by Royal Cork Yacht Club provided wild oscillations in weather conditions over the four days of planned racing. Thursday was certainly the calm before the arrival of Storm Hanna and three races were completed in light and fickle conditions. Friday dawned with raceable conditions in the morning…

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KYC’s Cliodhna Ni Shuilleabhain sailing with Niamh Doran came out ahead in a close battle at the 2016 420 Connaught Championships, hosted by Kinsale Yacht Club.  With Geoff Power and James McCann together with Kate Lyttle and Niamh Henry challenging throughout the all-girl crew scored three firsts and two seconds in a six race series…

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