Gold & Silver Fleets

For the domestic regional and National Championships organised by the association we look to have prizes for a gold and silver fleet in order to encourage newer and younger sailors to set goals and complete for prizes at events. The Notice of Race for each event will set out if the Gold and Silver fleets are to be run.


If a boat wins the silver fleet 1st place at any event it will then automatically compete in the Gold Fleet at all future events. This ranking applies to the helm in the boat i.e. should a crew who has sailed in the gold fleet team up with a helm in the silver fleet then that boat shall compete in the silver fleet until it wins a silver fleet first place.

Currabinny Cup

Each year the Currabinny Cup is awarded to the most improved sailor at one of our class training events or a major event such as the National Championships. This important award is a recognition of the hard work and advancement in skills of a particular boat at the event of choosing nominated by the committee.