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Why not try a 420 at your Club
The class association will support clubs that wish to trial the 420 in whatever way they can. The 420 is a fantastic route into a high performance double handed three sail boat. In order to facilitate clubs and interested sailors the association has three 420 boats that are available for charter.

The boats are available for club trial days, events and by arrangement for longer trial periods for interested helm & crew combinations.

Who can hire a 420 dinghy?

Sailors that have prior experience of sailing the dinghy or who are otherwise very experienced sailors capable of competently sailing it. In the case of trials for new sailors entering the class then we would hire out on the basis that there is adequate supervision by an experienced boat helm or crew. If there is any doubt an induction can be arranged upon request and where necessary the association can put you in touch with suitable experienced helm and crew to support any trials.


Weekend Charter Rate €100.00

Day Charter Rate €60.00

Contact Boat Charter Committee Member for longer Term arrangements

Click on the image to charter a boat:

Our general Booking Conditions for Boat hire are as follows:

  • Hirer is responsible for the collection & return of the Boat (Generally the boat is located in Dublin Area).
  • Hirer must bring their own lighting board and method of securing to double stacker trailer.
  • Hire fees must be paid in full, prior to use.
  • The hirer/User must have ISA or equivalent / RYA certified courses or be able to demonstrate competencies of managing a three sail boat.
  • If we determine that a hirer is not to the required standard we reserve the right to suggest further conditions on the hiring of the boat. Generally we would ask that appropriately skilled coaching is provided in order to develop the sailors to a standard that allows safe use of the association boats.
  • Boats must have a competent sailor on board at all times.
  • The hirer will be responsible for all breakages or losses which have occurred during the hirer period. Our recommendation is that any items are repaired or replaced prior to return. However fair wear and tear items that fail through normal use can be discussed with the Boat Charter Committee Member for association contribution. In all events please discuss breakages or losses with the Boat Charter Committee Member.
  • The Boats are insured through the ISA with a €250 excess in instances where significant damage occurs the hirer agrees to pay the insurance excess.
  • The 420 Class Association maintains the right to postpone a hire session if weather conditions or other factors make this necessary.

Cancellations by the customer

  • All cancellations must be informed directly to the Class Association Boat Charter Member either by phone or in writing.
  • If you cancel up to 7 days before the hire a full refund will be given for the activity.
  • If you cancel within 3 days of the hire 50% of the booking will be refunded.
  • If you cancel with less than 3 days of the hire no refund will be given. However the association will facilitate subject to other bookings a transfer to another date.

Top Tips on Towing

  • Check the ball hitch mechanism is working correctly.
  • Remember to attach the safety lanyard around the two ball.
  • Be sure to raise the jockey wheel and secure.
  • Once you’ve hooked up the light board, make sure that it’s working correctly.
  • Make sure everything is lashed down safely
  • Once on the road, remember that the speed for towing is lower the normal speed limit. Please check for the latest towing speed limits.

Rigging Guides

The 420 can be quite a daunting boat to rig for the first few times, especially if you are coming form Opies, toppers or Lasers. The link below takes you to a complete rigging guide on the International 420 Website. It’s comprehensive and very detailed but should assist anyone that might have a few issues in rigging. Its 38 pages in full and includes some photo’s so happy reading.

You can book a 420 here

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